World most popular cars 2012

Exports and imports of different cars in the world is a very big industry. Automotive production has a lion’s share in the economy and it is one of the reasons that most countries survive the global international crisis.

As this might be the case, the demand and supply in the car industry dramatically has changed during the past few years. Most consumers do not care much about how luxurious their car is. They put practicality over caprice. This shift in attitude might primarily be because of the increasing economic meltdown that is now taking places in many countries.


Chevrolet Cruze

This car is the flag carrier of GM as an attempt to expand the scope and market of Chevrolet. It is estimated that the car will cost not more than $20,000 but of course, it might go beyond that with added features and specifications. Chevrolet Cruze is also known as the Holden Cruze or Lacetti Premiere.

Ford Fiesta

Ford, as one of the largest automotive producers worldwide, has never failed to come up with superior and high class cars. Ford Fiesta is a proof of that fact. Estimated to cost at around $14,000, Ford takes on a new level of automotive production.

Honda Accord

This car may cost $22,000 but its all worth it. The Compact Accord is one of Honda’s finest works. This is exactly what Honda is making with all their products. One may be surprise that each Honda Accord may be different from one country to another. This is solely because Honda tries to modify their cars according to regional preference.

Honda Civic

This car is ideal for driving in narrow streets or in highly urbanized area. Since Honda Civic has a standard size, engine type, and design, it will be easy to maneuver the car. Honda Civic is also flexible when it comes to the type of fuel, be it diesel, leaded, or unleaded.

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry is one of a kind car and it is larger than most average cars. Considered as a luxury car, it can offer optimum comfort and the best driving experience for its owners. Toyota is one big company that is able to provide top-of-the-line cars.

Toyota Corolla

There has been statistics made that show Toyota corolla as the best-selling car type worldwide. The car can cost at around $16,000. With so much affordability coupled with high performing engines, comfortable seats, and other remarkable features, Toyota Corolla is still the most loved car type.

Toyota Yaris

As a small subcompact car, it is the least popular car of Toyota. Yaris has its brother named Vitz and it does not do so well in the market. But because of its affordability at $13,500, there are still people who buy this car.

Volkswagen Golf

This peculiar box-looking car is a prototypical compact type. It may cost at around $18,000. Volkswagen is currently having some identity crisis in different parts of the world but it still shows some competitive sales over the past few years.

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen is will now make Polo available in the U.S. very soon. Since they do well in the local market, it is also estimated that Volkswagen will make a handsome profit in the international market. It is a big car and sometimes it is considered as a family car unlike Honda Accord that most people considered it as a limo.

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