Toyota Prius 2012 Review

Toyota Prius 2012 Toyota Prius Review
The 2012 Prius model is placed in 10th position out of 19 cars which are in the range of common people. The positioning of cars is based on the reviews which were published. The other idea of its perfection was based on by driving this car and checking its safety measures.
The Toyota Prius is not at all the best car. It cannot be said the fast running car. But it uses less fuel. It has low rates. These are the reasons of its rank.
The reviewers are of the view that the Toyota Prius is a car which is fuel efficient. Its rate of consuming patrol is better than others. In the year 2012, new plug in Prius were introduced by Toyota. Just like the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf, then plug in the system of Prius helps the owner to charge its battery just by plugging into the normal wall opening. It has been noticed that this battery can be charged just in 3 hours. Sometimes, it takes less time. The number of hours for charging depends on the voltage of the wall opening.
Toyota Prius 2012 video review :

The users of Prius like this car due to its spacious trunk, comfortable ride, quiet cabin, and he kind of electronics. The Prius is beaten up due to its brakes, soft suspension, dull acceleration, and dead steering. It is said about Prius that it is best for those people who wants to consume less amount of petrol. But it is not suitable for those people who want a car for long and comfortable drive. It is said that this car makes you irritated when you use it.
Think about other cars:
It seems that Prius and Honda Insight are similar to each other. We can call it a hybrid car. A car which is much better than these is hybrid Ford Fusion. It has a high rate. But there are some features which are admired by its drivers such as fuel economy and a roomy interior. It is true that this car takes fuel more than the Prius but it is best for those who want to get a sedan midsize.
If you have a heavy budget for the choice of car than it is better for you purchase Chevrolet Volt. It has some features which are just like the Toyota Prius. But the Volt is more stylized and versatile. It has a long electric range. It works much better when functions on electric supremacy. But the point which goes in the favor of the Prius is that it takes less fuel.
Details of Toyota Prius
There are 2 versions of a Toyota Prius. One is Hybrid and the other is hybrid Plug in. There are 4 trim levels of hybrid. These are 2, 3, 4, and 5. The other is plugged in which has two levels of trim. These levels are advanced and standard. There are some qualities which change in this model.
Performance of Prius:
It is said about Prius 2012 that it is hybrid Powertrain. It is fuel efficient. It is fine for travelling but not well for the drive.
Exterior of Prius:
The car Toyota Prius 2012 has a specific iconic feature. You can recognize it easily on the roads. The people have different views about its outlook. Some call it ugly and others say it’s an attractive car.
Interior of Prius:
Journalists like its broad cabin. It has a wide area for cargo. It advances in electronics.
Safety Measure:
The federal government has given good points in case of safety. It has taken 5 stars out of 5.
It has a 3 year warranty for basic use. It has five year warranty for the Powertrain.

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