The new Citroen C1, Peugeot 108 and Toyota Aygo at the IAA 2011

The Frankfurt motor show September 2011 saw the official presentment of the Toyota Aygo, the Citroen C1, and the Peugeot 108. The three city car will continue to be made at TPCA plant in Kolin, Czech Republic post the renewed agreement by Peugeot, Toyota, and Citroen in a joint venture for the production.j
The three are set to debut in 2012 in the European market and are ready to take over the market with their mazing designs. The three will be available in 3 and 5 door variants, providing more options to a variety of customers. The engine will be a 1.0 VTi and will have three cylinders instead of the older displacement of Daihatsu. The use of the 1.0 THP engines that are turbocharged, has not been ruled out.

New Citroen C1 video :

Peugeot 108 Look :

Toyota Aygo from Top Gear :

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