Nissan Tiida 2012 Car review

Nissan Tiida 2012 Car
Nissan Tiida 2012 is well packed together car by Nissan. It’s an advanced development and improvement taking over from the famous Pulsar and Nissan Sunny. This car surprised many designers due to its amazing and fascinating features. It even led to a major drop in the sales of the other types of cars like Pulsar and Nissan Sunny.
Nissan Tiida offers a variety of modern features for current and modern styled vehicles such as air conditioning, cruise control, power windows and many more interesting features. The idea Nissan Company has taken in face-lifting their previous models; Pulsar /Nissan Sunny has actually bestowed a decent and complete transformation in its appearance. It’s very clear that, given the correct equipment tradition could possibly appear completely attracting and interesting.
Moreover, Tiida has very good inside quality features and engine making it the right car that offers you a lot of satisfaction when cruising in the streets. It has a remarkable and enough space for commodities with the back seats folded and even for legs. You don’t have to strain while sitting especially the tall people. The back seats can accommodate about three people sitting very comfortably and contentedly.
However, the ride has some shortcomings especially to do with over bumping though it’s better and preferable to Ford Focus but there is need for little improvement. Again, the car slightly bounces up and down endlessly when driving on uneven segments of the roads. On the other hand, the Ford Focus produces strong constant thud on the same roads. Many times the drivers won’t notice these issues and thus I would rather you think about Nissan Tiida for a check drive.
For just 799,000 baht you will have your 1.8 liter Nissan Tiida that will guarantee you an exceptional performance and its worth your money.

There is usually a great car under a dull body and therefore you should never ignore what you see from the outside. Appearances may put you off sometimes. For this car when it loses some of its value you can always add slight makeup or structure it and sale it and you will obtain a good value from it.

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