Ford Focus 2012 Review

Ford Focus
The Ford Focus is highly ranked among the 41 small cars. This ranking is based on the reliability and safety data reviews and surveys. The exterior and interior changes made in 2012 model resulted in the car to be more attractive. The added value in model specifications has improved the car’s performance.
After the initial success in year 2000, the history of Ford has not been very exciting. However, after the twelve years company is strongly back by improving the weak areas, mainly interior of the car. The company introduced relatively high technology features, the top most being MyKey and MyFord, which have increased its value in the market. The MyKey feature is supposed to regulate the speed and stereo volume designed especially for the teenage drivers while the MyFord is basically the integration of entertainment and communication into the touch screen console.
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Ford Focus 2011 Review :

With changes brought up in Ford 2012, the company has re-gained the trust of the people. You might be surprised by knowing that you can now find the Ford Focus either as sedan or the hatchback. In sedan, you will find the latest stereo system which is accompanied by the FM radio. Also, the latest technology of CD player is made available which can play the MP3 songs. On the other hand, in hatchback, you will enjoy the five doors vehicles in addition to the MyKey features.
The Ford manufacturers have availed the services of the technicians and engineers from around the globe in order to make the car compatible with the variable trends throughout the world. According to the reviews, the Ford Focus is the best vehicle to be used not only in the United States but also on the foreign grounds. The designing of the car is the most stylish of 21st century. The car offers both convenience and luxury while driving.
The enjoyable smooth drive of Ford Focus has increased its performance and it has scored 8.4 out of 10. It is definitely a better car than its old generation cars. The car is very attractive from outside as well as the interior of the car is fully loaded with new trends and styles. When tested on road, hatchback is more aggressive and funkier. The car is available in variant colors and shades. Thus, if you are crazy about color combinations of the car then this is the best choice for you.

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