Focus Powershift gearbox for Ti-VCT 1.6-liter 125hp engine and new Flexifuel

The Ford Focus is not a stranger in the neighborhood. Since 1998 onwards it has become a familiar figure by winning the award twice for the best-selling car of the year addition to other awards it won speak for its credentials.
Its latest production to hit the market was1.6 TDCi Test 115 hp which is an environment friendly flexifuelmodel due to its additional two engines and transmission options that reduce carbon footprints also its flexible engine uses E85 bioethanol fuel and double clutch Ford PowerShift feature. Addition to its ecofriendly features; new Ford Focus arrivals are consisted with gasoline engine Ti VCT Duratec 1.6 liters 125hp which are now comprises with six speed transmissions of dual dry clutch.
Focus Flexifuel 120CV using an improved version of the gasoline engine Ti – VCT Duratec 1.8liter instead of the 1.6 liter, to meet the features for E85 with improved fuel system and injectors. It has similar performances to the traditional version of 125hp.Advantage with the Focus Flexifuel is, it can use bioethanol E85, normal gasoline or combination of both paving the way for users to refuel under any circumstances. Its (engine) users control module that can identify fuel being used which can adjust automatically with those circumstances.
This technology (Ford PowerShift transmission) was introduced in Europe for the first time and it will be available in Spain through Ford dealers from this September onwards, which is great news for all car lovers especially in Spain. This will be replacing the four speed automatic transmission with torque converter which came up with previous models. This revolutionary feature will reduce fuel consumption and Co2level considerably which goes withperfect and caring driving. When you compare figures with its previous model it is noted that new focus PowerShift 1.6 which reduce Co2 by 19% to reach 149 g/Km which resulted in average fuel consumption of 6.4 liters per 100Km. To add to this it reduces the acceleration time from 13.6 to 11.7 seconds which is great news for all Ford Focus lovers. The new gear-box addition uses the same duel clutch and PowerShift transmission includes in Ford vehicles throughout in Europe with the addition of environment friendly powerful engines.
This new technology in PowerShift transmissions are based on manual transmission technology by removing the weight and complexity of the torque converter, planetary gears and the fluid pumps used in customary automatic transmissions. The twin clutches which are run on electronically will switch gears faster and effortlessly resulting in continuous flow of torque to the wheels. The new dry clutch transmission features was introduced In order to meet with requirements for the smaller models with less powerful, which is designed to work with higher torque levels. Executing this feature (new dry clutch transmission) has paved the way for many advantages for car shoppers, including saving energy, improving fuel consumption and Co2 emissions without compromising the vehicle quality or its performances.
Relevant to performances, new gearbox comprises with advantages of the PowerShift duel clutch feature which enable in attaching the efficiency and optimization of the manual gearbox which resulted in softness and effortless use of traditional automatic transmission. Transmission itself is made up with the best available technology to give its customers the best quality in gear change and new features in intelligent which resulted for comfortable journey with fuel save. Addition to that it stopsthe vehicle in rolling back in reverse on a ramp which enable in keeping pressure on the breaks till engine grows enough power to move the vehicle forward which puts the driver out of the danger zone. With its new feature in low speed mode, gives drivers more control of the vehicle during the low speed maneuvers.
Neutral mode of the gearbox allows the clutch to be release when the engine is reducing speed, due to this friction, noise and vibration will be reduce and fuel savings will be increase. Its other feature in Micro clutch slip will help to reduce the fuel consumption with lower speeds.
It is not a secret that new Focus is still the best when comparing with its competitors.