Evoque 2012 – The Land Rover Range

Evoque - The Land Rover RangeAutomobile industry is gaining ever increasing popularity with the passage of time. Since the awareness is increasing, the customers are becoming mindful of the fact that they can survive the modern glamorous world only if they opt for the best quality products, whether it is the garment industry or the automobile they use. For the same reason, the competition is being triggered and you find the latest model of cars being launched every week. However, the design and model of the cars play a vital role in increasing the sales volumes of the company. New and latest features should be added to the existing ones in order to grab the attention of the customers. The leading car manufacturing companies which are achieving the sales targets include Mitsubishi, Honda, Toyota and Evoque.
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One of the best models of the modern age is introduced by Evoque. Their Land Rover Range is attracting any customers due to the added value to the existing models. The group Jaguar-Land rover group is enjoying their success to the utmost. Although the final launch is due in New York in April, but a great deal has already been said in the praise of the car. The new model specifications have been targeted to satisfy the needs of the customers who want to combine style with economy. One of the most attractive features of the car is that it is convertible which looks funky especially to the youngsters.
The weight of the Evoque has been increased by 165 lbs in addition to some of the other added features. However, there are still some aspects which would require attention of the technical crew before the vehicle finally comes to the road. As for example, the chassis would need to be stiffened in order to make it compatible with the loss of the traditional hard roof of the standard design of the Jaguar.

The convenience factor is added to the practicality of the existing and standard models. This is coupled with the luxurious interior which makes you feel at home even on long routes. Not only this, the Land Rover consumes less fuel as compared to the rest of the models. The colors and shades available on the market are in a wide range of variety and you can choose the best for yourself. The designs of the Evoque satisfy the needs of the customers as it is a spacious vehicle designed to accommodate the passengers. The interior is stylish with firm steering control and the swift movement on long routs. The doors are internally and centrally controlled by the automatic electronic system.
All in all, the model is undoubtedly the latest example of glamour and style which is the essence of modern world. The customers’ expectations have been duly considered during the development and assembling of the parts. The quality has not been compromised in the name of low price. This is being ensured to keep it within the affordability range of the average household so as to increase the sales.

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