Electric Taxi- The Reignited Miracle in Automobile Business

The concept of Electric taxi, saying in a broader circumference- electric car, is not new to the world, though it has not been in effect in a larger scale before 2010. Taxi services all over the world are getting prepared to turn their services in all electric form from decades. But, it is Nissan, who released their first mass market electric car in 21th century.
Electric vehicles are mainly of three categories- those that take power directly from an external power station, those that take power from stored electricity (which is originally stored from an external power source), and those that receive power from on-board electric generator (for instance, internal combustion engine or a hydrogen fuel cell).
In last few decades, the petroleum-based vehicles cost the environment in brutal ways. Petrol, Gasoline and fossil fuels pollute the environment with CO2 in larger scale which has fueled the Green House Effect. The Ozone layer has been suffering from constant heat created in earth. Ice caps are melting in mass scale. Though all of these are not happening because of petroleum-based vehicles, but they surely have a contribution in this killing of nature. And there comes the re-ignition of electric vehicles.
Though, the world has seen its first motorized taxi in 1897 ( created by Gottlied Daimler), which was sold to Stuttgart Transportation to start world’s first motorized company, still it is an upcoming era of electric taxi even in 21th century. In 1899, Thomas Alva Edison began his quest to create a long-lasting and powerful battery for commercial automobiles. But, due to the lack of technical support in that time, Edison abandoned that project after a decade.
It is seen nowadays, fossil fuels are getting short in stock in all over the world and these fuels are polluting the nature beyond limitation. Now, using fossil fuels costs a fortune, let alone its impact on the nature. For these reasons, automobiles companies are eager to launch electric cars in mass level. Taxi companies are also seeing their profit in this new generation of vehicles. Electric taxies can reduce their cost and they know, this service will give them more benefit even from the moral perspective of mass people in competition with other companies.
EcoCab is the first ever all electric taxi service in United States. Following the lead, and going in parallel ways, many companies have taken initiatives to roll their electric taxies on the road. Reputed companies naturally prefer to use cars from well reputed manufacturers. Coda Automotives, Wheego electric Cars, Nissan, Tesla Motors, Think, Fisker Automotive, Tango Commuter Cars, BYD, GEM, SABA Motors and Venturi are the leading car manufacturer companies which have been the reliable provider for electric cars for last few years
Recently Ireland has launched their first E-Taxi from National Radio Cabs and The ESB. A night’s charge can roll the wheels and even in day Fast Charge Points enable drivers to charge the cars from 0 to 80% in less than 30 minutes. In London, Taxi companies are using Nissan Leaf, Renault Fluence to run their electric taxi service. The revolution, which is being started in whole Europe, is also setting its foot all over the world.
That day is not far, when the readers of this article will travel on electric taxi service and that will put a smile on their face for the fare and the welfare of the environment.

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