Dacia Duster DCI

Dacia Duster DCI is the name of a dashing automobile. It was developed by the Romanian company Automobile Dacia. It is a crossover SUV. Though officially it was presented on 8 December 2009 yet it became accessible for the European customers from 18 March 2010.
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The car is 4.31 meters long and 1.82 meters wide. It has got a volume of up to 475 liters for luggage space. But its transportation ability can exceed 1,600 liters if the rear seat is folded.
In case of the Duster the driver has the freedom to choose from three different modes of driving. The driver can choose Auto system, in which the rear-wheel drive gets engaged automatically in case the front wheels loose hold. Then there is an option named lock. Here the rear axle is used to consume 50 per cent of torque consistently. The last one is 2WD. In this case transmission is blocked into front-wheel drive to ensure maximum efficiency of fuel.
There are several features in this car which make it a very safe vehicle. Dacia Duster has got Electronic brake force distribution, emergency break assist, electronic stability control, under steer control and traction control.
Dacia Duster is a crossover SUV which denotes that the feature of this vehicle is a combination of the features of sports car and passenger car. So this car can be well used for racing purpose. So it happened in the year 2010, the Duster has shown it’s class by participating in the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles. In this race one duster car got the first place in general ranking while other one got the 5th position. Again this vehicle works perfectly well to meet the requirements of families. The Duster has got a spacious cabin in a solid package and a large 470 L trunk. The car has a very proficient motor which can emit 139 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer and a fuel consumption of 5.3L/100 km. This is the first concept car wholly made by Dacia. Normally the Duster has four seats but this car can be converted into a two seated one. The seat of the passenger goes beneath the driver’s seat and the right back seat goes beneath the left back seat. This creates an extra room of 2,000 L.
Dacia Duster is presented in Europe from March 2010. The prices start from €11,900 for the two-wheel drive version, and for the 4×4 version the price starts from €13,900. In Egypt, Ukraine, Jordan Syria, the Duster has become available from June 2010.
It has been confirmed by the company that the Duster will also be released in the UK in the year 2012 though it has already been launched in India on July4, 2012. The prices start from 7.19 lakh.
So the Dacia Duster DCI is a very beautiful car with different kinds of facilities. It serves the purpose of the general user along with some special uses like racing. The car is very fashionable too.

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