Electric Taxi- The Reignited Miracle in Automobile Business

The concept of Electric taxi, saying in a broader circumference- electric car, is not new to the world, though it has not been in effect in a larger scale before 2010. Taxi services all over the world are getting prepared to turn their services in all electric form from decades. But, it is Nissan, who released their first mass market electric car in 21th century.
Electric vehicles are mainly of three categories- those that take power directly from an external power station, those that take power from stored electricity (which is originally stored from an external power source), and those that receive power from on-board electric generator (for instance, internal combustion engine or a hydrogen fuel cell).
In last few decades, the petroleum-based vehicles cost the environment in brutal ways. Petrol, Gasoline and fossil fuels pollute the environment with CO2 in larger scale which has fueled the Green House Effect. The Ozone layer has been suffering from constant heat created in earth. Ice caps are melting in mass scale. Though all of these are not happening because of petroleum-based vehicles, but they surely have a contribution in this killing of nature. And there comes the re-ignition of electric vehicles.
Though, the world has seen its first motorized taxi in 1897 ( created by Gottlied Daimler), which was sold to Stuttgart Transportation to start world’s first motorized company, still it is an upcoming era of electric taxi even in 21th century. In 1899, Thomas Alva Edison began his quest to create a long-lasting and powerful battery for commercial automobiles. But, due to the lack of technical support in that time, Edison abandoned that project after a decade.
It is seen nowadays, fossil fuels are getting short in stock in all over the world and these fuels are polluting the nature beyond limitation. Now, using fossil fuels costs a fortune, let alone its impact on the nature. For these reasons, automobiles companies are eager to launch electric cars in mass level. Taxi companies are also seeing their profit in this new generation of vehicles. Electric taxies can reduce their cost and they know, this service will give them more benefit even from the moral perspective of mass people in competition with other companies.
EcoCab is the first ever all electric taxi service in United States. Following the lead, and going in parallel ways, many companies have taken initiatives to roll their electric taxies on the road. Reputed companies naturally prefer to use cars from well reputed manufacturers. Coda Automotives, Wheego electric Cars, Nissan, Tesla Motors, Think, Fisker Automotive, Tango Commuter Cars, BYD, GEM, SABA Motors and Venturi are the leading car manufacturer companies which have been the reliable provider for electric cars for last few years
Recently Ireland has launched their first E-Taxi from National Radio Cabs and The ESB. A night’s charge can roll the wheels and even in day Fast Charge Points enable drivers to charge the cars from 0 to 80% in less than 30 minutes. In London, Taxi companies are using Nissan Leaf, Renault Fluence to run their electric taxi service. The revolution, which is being started in whole Europe, is also setting its foot all over the world.
That day is not far, when the readers of this article will travel on electric taxi service and that will put a smile on their face for the fare and the welfare of the environment.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk VI Costs £22,000

Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk There is no doubt that the world has seen an explosive increase in knowledge when it comes to automotive technology. Different car manufacturers had made it a point to make their products exceptional in terms of durability and functionality while making it affordable at the same time. If one does not have the right knowledge and guides on how to choose the right car, there is a higher chance that the choice made is regretted. As this might be the case, it is highly recommended to take a look at the different possibilities and options currently available in the market today. One of the products that one might consider is the Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk VI.


It was announced that Mk VI VW GTI will be made available this summer but it might not make it in the limelight because of the public’s main focus on the RS which seem to monopolize the market today. There are two main reasons that this will most likely to happen in summer. First and foremost, Golf’s size and overall design may not be too appealing to the general public. The next reason is that golf’s engine is not too powerful compared to other car types and brands.

While there are many disadvantages or drawbacks that make Golf unattractive for buyers, there are still reasons to love this car. Volkswagen still has tricks hidden in it sleeves.

Volkswagen has truly outdone itself when it took a MK GTI and also gave it a little twist to produce essential compliments. The engine is lighter compared to others but it offers more power with the least energy consumption as possible. As one examine the car, an individual will notice that it has less number of slip to make the chassis more powerful. Golf can also offer cushion and fashion statement with just one simple push of a button. The exhaust is also a great additional feature because of its 2-litre German hatchback maximum capacity.

The overall progress of the car is truly amazing. The latest GTI has been modified to take on a new face that will surely be a great wheel to drive during the summer afternoon and the new look will also get an aftermarket sales. There are many additional features added to its visual appearance such as the new style headlights, fog lights, and grille which are all located at the right places. The wheels of the color are black together with the inserts. All of these features look exceptional just like having a date in Nandos.

Another feature of Golf is that it can make a great car to easily maneuver through traffic and narrow roads. Generally, Golf is lighter compared to most cars, thus it can reach maximum speed within just a few seconds. It has a maximum speed of 240 kph,

Since there are other competitors of Volkswagen Golf, one can see a future where this car will have improvements in different aspects especially on its appearance. Of course, Volkswagen still wants to stick with their conventional box type look.

Nissan Tiida 2012 Car review

Nissan Tiida 2012 Car
Nissan Tiida 2012 is well packed together car by Nissan. It’s an advanced development and improvement taking over from the famous Pulsar and Nissan Sunny. This car surprised many designers due to its amazing and fascinating features. It even led to a major drop in the sales of the other types of cars like Pulsar and Nissan Sunny.
Nissan Tiida offers a variety of modern features for current and modern styled vehicles such as air conditioning, cruise control, power windows and many more interesting features. The idea Nissan Company has taken in face-lifting their previous models; Pulsar /Nissan Sunny has actually bestowed a decent and complete transformation in its appearance. It’s very clear that, given the correct equipment tradition could possibly appear completely attracting and interesting.
Moreover, Tiida has very good inside quality features and engine making it the right car that offers you a lot of satisfaction when cruising in the streets. It has a remarkable and enough space for commodities with the back seats folded and even for legs. You don’t have to strain while sitting especially the tall people. The back seats can accommodate about three people sitting very comfortably and contentedly.
However, the ride has some shortcomings especially to do with over bumping though it’s better and preferable to Ford Focus but there is need for little improvement. Again, the car slightly bounces up and down endlessly when driving on uneven segments of the roads. On the other hand, the Ford Focus produces strong constant thud on the same roads. Many times the drivers won’t notice these issues and thus I would rather you think about Nissan Tiida for a check drive.
For just 799,000 baht you will have your 1.8 liter Nissan Tiida that will guarantee you an exceptional performance and its worth your money.

There is usually a great car under a dull body and therefore you should never ignore what you see from the outside. Appearances may put you off sometimes. For this car when it loses some of its value you can always add slight makeup or structure it and sale it and you will obtain a good value from it.

Focus Powershift gearbox for Ti-VCT 1.6-liter 125hp engine and new Flexifuel

The Ford Focus is not a stranger in the neighborhood. Since 1998 onwards it has become a familiar figure by winning the award twice for the best-selling car of the year addition to other awards it won speak for its credentials.
Its latest production to hit the market was1.6 TDCi Test 115 hp which is an environment friendly flexifuelmodel due to its additional two engines and transmission options that reduce carbon footprints also its flexible engine uses E85 bioethanol fuel and double clutch Ford PowerShift feature. Addition to its ecofriendly features; new Ford Focus arrivals are consisted with gasoline engine Ti VCT Duratec 1.6 liters 125hp which are now comprises with six speed transmissions of dual dry clutch.
Focus Flexifuel 120CV using an improved version of the gasoline engine Ti – VCT Duratec 1.8liter instead of the 1.6 liter, to meet the features for E85 with improved fuel system and injectors. It has similar performances to the traditional version of 125hp.Advantage with the Focus Flexifuel is, it can use bioethanol E85, normal gasoline or combination of both paving the way for users to refuel under any circumstances. Its (engine) users control module that can identify fuel being used which can adjust automatically with those circumstances.
This technology (Ford PowerShift transmission) was introduced in Europe for the first time and it will be available in Spain through Ford dealers from this September onwards, which is great news for all car lovers especially in Spain. This will be replacing the four speed automatic transmission with torque converter which came up with previous models. This revolutionary feature will reduce fuel consumption and Co2level considerably which goes withperfect and caring driving. When you compare figures with its previous model it is noted that new focus PowerShift 1.6 which reduce Co2 by 19% to reach 149 g/Km which resulted in average fuel consumption of 6.4 liters per 100Km. To add to this it reduces the acceleration time from 13.6 to 11.7 seconds which is great news for all Ford Focus lovers. The new gear-box addition uses the same duel clutch and PowerShift transmission includes in Ford vehicles throughout in Europe with the addition of environment friendly powerful engines.
This new technology in PowerShift transmissions are based on manual transmission technology by removing the weight and complexity of the torque converter, planetary gears and the fluid pumps used in customary automatic transmissions. The twin clutches which are run on electronically will switch gears faster and effortlessly resulting in continuous flow of torque to the wheels. The new dry clutch transmission features was introduced In order to meet with requirements for the smaller models with less powerful, which is designed to work with higher torque levels. Executing this feature (new dry clutch transmission) has paved the way for many advantages for car shoppers, including saving energy, improving fuel consumption and Co2 emissions without compromising the vehicle quality or its performances.
Relevant to performances, new gearbox comprises with advantages of the PowerShift duel clutch feature which enable in attaching the efficiency and optimization of the manual gearbox which resulted in softness and effortless use of traditional automatic transmission. Transmission itself is made up with the best available technology to give its customers the best quality in gear change and new features in intelligent which resulted for comfortable journey with fuel save. Addition to that it stopsthe vehicle in rolling back in reverse on a ramp which enable in keeping pressure on the breaks till engine grows enough power to move the vehicle forward which puts the driver out of the danger zone. With its new feature in low speed mode, gives drivers more control of the vehicle during the low speed maneuvers.
Neutral mode of the gearbox allows the clutch to be release when the engine is reducing speed, due to this friction, noise and vibration will be reduce and fuel savings will be increase. Its other feature in Micro clutch slip will help to reduce the fuel consumption with lower speeds.
It is not a secret that new Focus is still the best when comparing with its competitors.

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The new Mercedes Vito 2013 spied in testing

Although his prominent hood might suggest that it is an AMG variant, it is actually a test mule of the next generation of the Mercedes Vito. Its raised hood and larger central grid are due to the Mercedes-Benz engineers who are testing new engines and cooling systems which do not fit under the skin that is usually present in Vito.

At that moment, first spy photos were obtained. Little they know about technical configuration but it is certain that the engine range will be completely remodelled. It is said that the official debut of the new Vito, known as Viano in other markets, will be at the end of 2013 or early 2014. It also provides a basis for a new version of Renault. Something for them to work on both cars, thanks to an agreement!

Honda CR-Z: top marks in crash tests

The Honda CR-Z has five models and all of them have five star rating, highest rating, in the Euro NCAP test. It is one of the safest cars in the hybrid market. The percentages of Honda CR-Z are highest in each test valuated. These scores are 93 in adult protection, 80 in child protection, and 71 in pedestrian protection. The Honda CR-Z is fifth model of Honda with five star rating after Civic, Accord, Jazz, and Insight.

Is the automatic Powershift as good as the DSG?

The VAG group holds the credit to first implement a dual-clutch automatic transmission to their production models. It has been observed that the offer has reached virtually all models of the group, and in all segments in short span. Until the launch of Ford’s Powershift, the DSG was the only option between dual-clutch changes in compact models. The Ford’s Powershift came into market almost two years back when they offered dual-clutch automatic transmission in the Focus and the C-Max. The company has also introduced it in the S-Max, Galaxy, Mondeo and Kuga.
The Ford’s PowerShift is soft and has slightly faster gear changes than VAG DSG. The Ford PowerShift, developed together with specialists Getrag exceeds VAG DSG in some facets.
The DSG was known to have tremendous reputation for its focus sports and being able to reduce the consumption of the versions offered as an alternative to manual.
If we look at the situation technicality then the DSG VAG and Ford’s Powershift has two independent clutches, the first responsible for the odd gears (1st, 3rd, and 5th) and the second for the even gears (2nd and 4th). The array of sensors gathers this information and electronic management allows the preset change. This allows the relationship that engages the driver, so that the changes are made very quickly with virtually no interruption of engine power to the wheels. In both cases, you can manage change in sequence, or choose the automatic mode, in normal position or “sport”. Also, both boxes have dry clutches that do not need replacement during the vehicle’s lifetime.

The secret behind powershift dual clutch is that one handles the even gears while the other the odd.
In a direct comparison, you will find that the powershift changes becomes even faster gear changes the DSG. The advantage of the latter is smooth insertion of the marches. An important advantage with Powershift is that it’s change is calibrated so that the clutch is not fully disengaged unless the driver chooses the “N” (neutral) position. This can be manoeuvred at low speed (for example, when parking) to monitor progress of the vehicle with only the brake, eliminating the annoying “jerks” that occur in other automatic changes when you move a few centimeters from “accelerator”. The other advantageous feature of Ford’s Powershift is its ability to save, in memory of the unit, maximum three proceedings in the selector lever when operated in manual mode. In the DSG, this feature saves two changes. With regard to DSG, models equipped with Ford’s Powershift gearbox lower the consumption of the versions with manual transmission. This results in 9 percent reduction in consumption which depends upon the model and engine.

One of the main differences is that Powershift DSG is available in two variants, with six and seven speeds. Another difference is that the DSG offers the possibility of mounting the steering wheel paddles for manual handling. Along with speed and comfort, powershift gearbox also results in reduced fuel consumption compare to manual one.

An important advantage of Ford’s Powershift over DSG is its price. Ford currently offers no extra powershift change in the S-Max, Galaxy, and Mondeo. For example, the Focus C-Max and its price is always lower than that what VW offers DSG in the Golf.

PSA Peugeot Citroën: the incoming low-cost M3 and M4

PSA Peugeot Citroen
For the Peugeot Citroen, the cost of producing the new M3 and M4 in Span will be a low cost affair with the plant and workforce costing about 1 billion euros. The group has not given any details or confirmations however it is for sure that they will be carefully monitoring the success that Renault is receiving through its Dacia. The M3 project looks at giving rise to a new class of low cost Peugeots and the M4 is focused at redefining the Citroen.
Currently, even though there is not specific information about the features or shape of the cars, we do know that they are scheduled for a release in late 2011 or early 2012. The M3 is planned to replace the 206 plus and the M4 to replace the Classic C3.

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The Mercedes Benz C-Class 2012 review – photos and video

Mercedes Benz C-Class

Mercedes Benz C-Class
Mercedes Benz C-Class is one of the beautiful changes happening in the world today. This particular C-Class is quite in demand this year because of the amazing features it provides. It is highly efficient in its fuel consumption and has high horsepower, it has a four cylinder turbocharged engine and is quite better than the previous versions in the manner that it has a different automated transmission. There have been other additional changes in the features, the style, and the design of the model as well.
The C-Class looks like the sedan in its body style and is quite similar to the C63, AMG, C350, and C250 trim tanks. The C250 and 300 have automatic dual-zone climate control, automatic headlights, LED running lights, sunroof, auto-dimming interior, 17 inch wheels, automatic wipers, driver mirror, secondary auto jack, Bluetooth phone, eight-way power front seats, tilt and telescopic steering wheel, HD radio, cruise control and many other such amazing features. The C300 4matic and C63 AMG are also available as sedan coupes.
The new Benz C250 offers a 229 lb-feet torque, a 1.8 liter four-cylinder that is turbo charged and 201 hp. It goes from 0 to 60 mph in 7.1 seconds and it is estimated to succeed 30 mpg on the highway and 24 mpg combined. The Benz 300 4 matic offers 228 hp and 221 lb-ft torque. Its power comes from v6 and gives 20 mpg in combined. This version offers 0-60 mph in 7.1 seconds as well.
There are additional safety and security features present in the model like the airbags, the antilock brakes; the driver knee airbag, front side pelvic airbags, traction and stability control, the lane departure warning system, lane tracking package, and the standard Mercedes attention assist that offer all the information about all the features. These features are offered in each version of the C-Class 2012.
It is not surprising to know that the new C-Class comes with many improved systems and features that will attract the customer and the changes in the color scheme definitely add to the excitement. Many features of the C-Class have been discussed but the most prominent is the sporty design of the C-Class and even while the sporty feel dominates the look, the experience for the driver and the passengers is definitely filled with comfort and class no matter which model you choose to buy.