Audi A1 Review – fine look car

audi a1
As we look back 30 years, Audi unusual, unconventional and unvalued brand of automobiles. With passage of time, company came up with the company made stylish, aggressive, and beautiful cutting edge shape car models. Then on Audi started giving more gorgeous look to their cars with new engineering techniques and they continued to dominate over automobiles market.
The Audi captured market with superb variety and models of Audi, from 3-Series of A4 to R8 supercar. However, still the small size car segment by Audi was missing in all these models. To overcome this, the company has come up with Audi A1 supermini car to complete the small cars in the market. When you look at this car, you will forget the expensive and unpleasant small cars of 90s.
audi a1 inside
Talking about the Audi A1 supermini car, its outlook is just like A4. You can easily compare its dark suit to MINI of BMW. Some of the features of the supemini are LED running lamps, gaping radiator grill, and striking front of this car make it outstanding. The prefect interior designing makes the car comfortable. You will find the technical specifications of the car bit different such as only three-door hatch with three engines on the choice of customers are introduced. The A1 has two petrol engines (1.2 and 1.4 liter) and 1 turbo-diesel (1.6 liter). The 1.2 and 1.6 liter engines are matched with speed manual gearbox and the 1.4 liter engine is coupled with dual-clutch automated manual. The new model will be launched in market later this year. Its small size will be one of its dominating factors in populated areas.
When you take a test drive of Audi A1, you will feel its steering system little heavy. However, advantage of this car is smaller petrol engines which increase its performance. It is one of the environment friendly cars as the oil consumption is less; the emission of CO2 into environment is reduced. You can enjoy the driving with smaller engines rather than smaller Audi.
With so many facilities and techniques in a single car, it’s just a start by Audi. In the coming two years you will find lot of designs and styles of Audi as per maximum choice of customers. If the company plans for an extra power engine in coming models of Audi A1 then this car has full strength to overcome other dominant automobiles such as MINI’s Cooper Skoda FabiaSo in the market. Audi fulfills all the requirements of a small car and is more stylish and attractive.

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