Aston DBS Carbon Black Costs £179,500

Aston DBS Carbon Black  Review
There is no doubt that the world has seen an explosive increase in knowledge when it comes to automotive technology. Different car manufacturers had made it a point to make their products exceptional in terms of durability and functionality while making it affordable at the same time. If one does not have the right knowledge and guides on how to choose the right car, there is a higher chance that the choice made is regretted. As this might be the case, it is highly recommended to take a look at the different possibilities and options currently available in the market today. One of the products that one might consider is the Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk VI.
It was announced that Mk VI VW GTI will be made available this summer but it might not make it in the limelight because of the public’s main focus on the RS which seem to monopolize the market today. There are two main reasons that this will most likely to happen in summer. First and foremost, Golf’s size and overall design may not be too appealing to the general public. The next reason is that golf’s engine is not too powerful compared to other car types and brands.

While there are many disadvantages or drawbacks that make Golf unattractive for buyers, there are still reasons to love this car. Volkswagen still has tricks hidden in it sleeves.

Volkswagen has truly outdone itself when it took a MK GTI and also gave it a little twist to produce essential compliments. The engine is lighter compared to others but it offers more power with the least energy consumption as possible. As one examine the car, an individual will notice that it has less number of slip to make the chassis more powerful. Golf can also offer cushion and fashion statement with just one simple push of a button. The exhaust is also a great additional feature because of its 2-litre German hatchback maximum capacity.

The overall progress of the car is truly amazing. The latest GTI has been modified to take on a new face that will surely be a great wheel to drive during the summer afternoon and the new look will also get an aftermarket sales. There are many additional features added to its visual appearance such as the new style headlights, fog lights, and grille which are all located at the right places. The wheels of the color are black together with the inserts. All of these features look exceptional just like having a date in Nandos.

Another feature of Golf is that it can make a great car to easily maneuver through traffic and narrow roads. Generally, Golf is lighter compared to most cars, thus it can reach maximum speed within just a few seconds. It has a maximum speed of 240 kph,
Since there are other competitors of Volkswagen Golf, one can see a future where this car will have improvements in different aspects especially on its appearance. Of course, Volkswagen still wants to stick with their conventional box type look.

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