2013 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Exposed

2013 Ford Fiesta
2013 Ford Fiesta Review Video :
The American-car manufacturer just recently exposed the new Ford Fiesta 2013 Hatchback Version at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland this 2012. This new Hatchback Ford Fiesta is a very modern version compared to the Standard Fiesta that is out in the Market right now. Because of its Handling and Ride Enhancements also with the introduction of a chassis that has been specifically tuned for this model. It is actually 15mm lower that the previous and standard versions of Ford Fiesta. The Torque Control System and the three different Electronic Stability Control Systems has been improved by Ford, and that makes this new Fiesta Hatchback unique from the models.

Five Thousand Kilometers were needed just to test the new and sophisticated technologies that the Ford Fiesta Hatchback has. It was tested in Germany’s Nürburgring Nordschleife Motorsports Complex. The Hatchback version of the Ford Fiesta and its technologies were conceived using Ford’s World-class performance that can be found on their car’s DNA. Team RS, the European-arm of the Global Performance Vehicle Group of Ford, was also involved in designing the Ford Fiesta. The interior of the new Ford Fiesta 2013 has a sport ambience by using the Standard Recaro Sport Seats. This provides the driver a sport driving experience that can only be found in a Sports Car. It will be the first time that Ford will be employing this kind of sport driving experience in their Ford Fiesta models.

Another innovative feature of the new Hatchback Ford Fiesta 2013 is it’s equipped with the new “My Key”. The “My Key” provides the less experienced drivers and owners an option to restrict the performance and for them to be sure that the protection feature of the car is started. This technology resembles an aircraft technology that prevents the pilot from pushing the plane to its limit. Accidentally pushing the car’s performance to the maximum while being handled by a less experienced driver could lead to a catastrophe. Having this kind of safety feature will give the driver some protection to avoid road accidents. Also, what makes this car unique is its bold and dynamic exterior design since it has been designed by a great team, the Team RS of Ford. Former Ford’s design on the Fiesta includes a big trapezoidal grille.

The 2013 Ford Fiesta’s Engine has proven that it has an outstanding performance compared to its previous models and it conserves more fuel than before. The technology of the engine is so sophisticated that the numbers 180 1.6 liters and the 0-100 kilometers per hour would just explain for itself. The car itself is very environment friendly; the 2013 Ford Fiesta has reduced its carbon dioxide emission up to 20%, a big difference compared to the standard and older version of the Ford Fiesta.

On the contrary, the vehicle offers a wide range of safety and environmental features. But along with the improvement on its safety, the engine of the car itself also improved. Ford made sure that even though the car is environmental friendly, it won’t compromise the features that the prospective buyers are looking for.

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