2013 Fiat 500L Review

 fiat 500The Fiat 500L 2013 Review

As of now, many of the popular car companies in the world are now on the work on making new model like the new Escape from Ford which looks very good and appealing, and the Civic from Honda which will be launched in the near future. Along with Ford, Honda and many other Car Manufacturers, Fiat also made an announcement that they will be releasing their new model soon. Just like the others, the Italian Car Manufacturer has said that they will be releasing the Fiat 500L as their bet in the upcoming year 2013 and they are going impatient for the upcoming 2012 Motor Show that will be held in the next few weeks/months.

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Meanwhile, Fiat has already disclose that this new model of 500L will be that biggest in the Fiat 500 series, that is why you will notice the letter “L” on the name of the new car model. They have included a special concept on this new model, which they say that the derived the concept by adding the American Concept on SUVs to the European Concept. You will notice the Compact Crossover power that is usually being found on an SUV, along with the extensive features that can be found on an MPV. The only question that we have is what is going to be the specifications of the Engine so that it could still provide power while carrying massive features that came along with the 500L. Fiat also mentioned that both American and European Markets will be provided an option of different specifications of the Engine.

One model of Fiat 500L will have the 1.3 Liter Multi-Air Engine, and this model will be offered to the American Market. This engine would likely have Ninety Eight ft. of Torque and would also likely have One Hundred and One Horsepower to meet the needs of the American Market. On the other hand, the 500L model for the European Market would likely have an option of Two Turbo Diesel Engines and a version that has a Diesel Engine. The new Fiat 500L model would also have a Front Wheel Drive. It will also have a whole dimension of 13.6 feet and it has also reached the height of 5’4 feet. As of the moment, the Italian Company is now offering a complete seating arrangement of five seats all in all, but they will also release in the European Market a seven seat version of the new Fiat 500L. On our analysis, the Fiat 500L would likely be the rival competitor of the United Kingdom-made Cooper Countryman by the Cooper Car Company.

The Fiat 500L has a great edge compared to the Countryman especially on the 500L’s design. Also, giving the consumers an option on what Engine, Seating, and other Features to choose from is one of the advantages of this new Fiat 500 model. On a conclusion, its design, engine, seating, and other capabilities are very well suited for people who are looking for a Compact Car that can do the things that an SUV can do as well.

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