2012 Hyundai Genesis Review

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe which was first released for the Korean market back in October 2008 is a rear-wheel drive sport coupe class an attractive car. Recently hit the market with a bang because of its 2012 model crowning as Motor Trend car of the year. Despite it’stheir first of its kind with a similar platform to Genesis luxury sedan and response to the Ford Mustang, it has been decided that company will not be using V8 engines but decided otherwise.

When it was launched emphasis was made on its suspensions though Interesting feature to note wasitsV6 3.8 liter engine which requiresa booster to increase its power from 290 horsepower to 333. All of its cars containtiny pinches in suspension.It also includes headlights fitted with frame and also accents. With improved facilities, now it can ride smoothly while remaining flat on hard surfaces.With its racing design it has become flash of lightning and also treats to drive. Its output consists with 52 horses which account for 43 less than the previous year and its pull by a motor with more power. It has replaced 4.6 with a new one in 5.0 liter, which is very encouraging to note and it is expected to save lots of money for the Hyundai Company. The 5.0 liter with 96mm it will be very effective than ever before.
Even though prices have gone up in some way it includes many features with new technology suiting with customer needs. It is revealed that nothing much to talk about 5.0when comparing it with 4.6 liter, with an exception of latter consisted of direct fuel in V8 & R-Spec. As a result of this, ratio of compression would be 11.5:1. If it were to fail then given ratio would be 10.4:1. Due to engine been smaller it gives different time frames to exhaust and intake which make mileage easier than previous once. According to the EPA ratings it has earning of 5.0 with highway and city ratings standing on 25 & 16 respectively. It is also noted that 4.6 liter might not go well with above mentioned ratings.

With gas it needs 6400RPM in order to get to 429 horsepower which makes it little bit demanding, further to it requires 5000RPM to mark 376 lb-ft revolution, under any circumstances which is not an easy task due to car getting high speed. If you look at the figures within 5.1 seconds it covers 60mph where else in 4.8 seconds is anybody’s guess.
If you look at Hyundai’s car models for the year of 2012, it includes 8 speed engines which areup to date with the latest technology. Shoppers are very much keen on getting the R-spec one which is very powerful. It has special features like head lamps with inserted color of dark chromes, wheel size of 19 inches and also it includes floor mat and a badge with a truck lid.
It seems 2012 is a great year for Korean auto giants in Genesis with more power V6 and V8 engines.

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