2012 Ford Focus Review

2012 Ford Focus 2012 Ford Focus
The main aim of Alan Mulally, CEO of the Ford is to design Ford on a worldwide base. In the year 1990, the CEO of Ford showed the same ambition. The models Contour and original Focus is the result of that ambition.

The focus was same in North America and in Europe, in the start of 2011. It is a great achievement. The reason is that there was a great difference in American machines and European Focus. In Europe, the main interest in cars is their interior and driving quality. Original Focus had won C/D10. But in competition, it has lost its place by giving new versions.
The model 2012 is terrific in looking as it has 5 doors. It is a family car. If we make a contrast with the Focus of US then we will get to know that the new Focus 3.0 inches extensive and 0.5 inches subordinate.
It has a steel body having 55%in its structure. Its rigidity of torsion is 25% more than the present Focus.
It has engine with four cylinders. Its injection is direct and 2.0 liter. The engine of Ford will give horsepower of 155 and the amount of torque will be 145 pounds. Hughes, who is the main engineer of the Focus working in North America, says that they will try to get an engine of EcoBoost in their Focus.
There are two kinds of transmission which are available for Focus. Both of them are six speeds. One of them is manual and the other one is dull. The chief of Global Product says that this car will have no kind of conventional automation. It has some new qualities. One of which is steering with electric power. The other quality is torque vectoring which uses the brakes for anti lock.
Its inner designing is marvelous but still there are some limitations. The style has no soft surface. There is black cool piano and finishing of aluminum. Its dashboard is denied. It is known as Europe’s Titanium. It is not known that the previous models in the US having price up to dollar 16,690 can be considered as elegant now.

The Focus has a lot of features like the warning system for the blind spot, new system having a 8 inch screen, rearview camera and the new modified version of Sync infotainment. So, it is going to do the business of 20,000 dollars. Hughes says about its price that they will try their best to keep the base price same. It will attract people to buy it in the presence of the Ford Fusion and Honda Accord. People cannot cut down their expectations but can try to change their choice of vehicle.
This view is known by all. But it has some difficulties as well. The payment of 18,000 dollars used to be made by people for Mazda3, Honda Civic or VW Golf. The normal rate of dealing of Toyota Corolla has not much higher. Ford has the cheapest rate. The president of Ford has a plan to launch the new Ford which can compete with Golf and Mazda 3. If the new Ford will have additional qualities then it will have higher rates.

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