2011 Kia Optima EX

2011 Kia Optima EXThe 2011 model of Kia Optima EX is a mixture of old and new features making it the best choice for those having a taste for the traditional style coupled with the modernization. On the first look, you will observe its exterior which is marked by the large sized headlights which are no doubt an over imposing feature making it look huge and wide. The face looks wider than necessary; however, it has still won over the hearts of a convincing number of customers. Just like the front side, the rear is also marked by the presence of the long and wide rear lights. In contrast to the wide impression, the alloys seem smaller sized 17 inches. The important thing is that whatever was the rationale behind the shape of the car, the Optima has been successful in grabbing the attention of the customers.

Most of the reviewers who expected it to be a decent looking car were disappointed by its visual impression. Not only this, but the interior has not made any positive impression. The sedan has the centrally controlled instrument panel which is not an attractive feature these days. Similarly, the color combinations inside the sedan have also raised many eye brows as the difference in colors at the corresponding areas makes it look awkward. In addition, the location of the switches for seat heaters is also not understandable because if the driver cannot see it properly, what is the possible logic behind placing them on the right of the shifter.
The audio system control panel also deviates from the normal course of working as there is a two button operation to be performed if you want to switch over the different channels on the radio. Although there is a touch screen system also but that again is also not convenient to follow on account of the color of text being red which is very difficult to read at night. Talking about the comfort of the seats, at first instance, one might think it to be a sport sedan but with the passage of time and extensive usage, the passengers do not find the lateral sides of the seats very supportive. If you sit on the back seat, you might feel comfortable due to sufficient legroom, but the low height of the entire seat makes it difficult for you to be seated for long drives.

One of the positive aspects of the sedan is that it is not very expensive and if you cannot afford to have Hyundai, better try your luck on the Optima. This will surely not disappoint at least in this regard. Moreover, you may enjoy the panoramic sunroof which is absent in other versions of the cars in addition to the memory penal on the driver’s seat and a heated steering wheel. Since the steering wheel of the Optima is slightly heavier, you might enjoy the sporty feel. Another attractive feature is that it seems to be lighter in weight which helps it in fast movement.

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